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I hate this feeling...

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I have been with my boyfriend for about a year and a half. We've been doing OK for the past week. He started school last week, and his car has been acting up so he's been really stressed. It got to the point where he'd take his fustrations out on me (just getting mad at me, and telling me "i don't understand, and i don't try to understand")


Next week, I start working again. I work 4-11pm. He goes to school 11am-3pm then he goes to work 4-8pm. So there's REALLY not going to be ANY time for us to see/talk to one another. I'm not sure how this is going to work out. I really want to be with him, this is my first really serious relationship. He got me a promise ring and stuff. I don't want things to fall appart, cuz I don't know what i'd do without him. I just hope some how we can work though this, but stuff is looking a little rocky right now.

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so first i would say is not to make mountains out of mole hills. if your bf is stressed out he shouldnt be taking it out on you. however sometimes this happens and if he can recognize that himself and tell you he is sorry than id let it go. id just watch out for it becoming a trend.


whenever im stressed out with life i dont want the added pressure of a strain on my relationship. my advice would be to be supportive, present him with the opportunity to vent to you about things. dont pry, just give hima sign he can talk with you if he wants to. give him a back rub. scratch his back. theres nothing better than that.


once you do this and get a positive sign give him some space for a few days. dont ignore him but give it a few days to contact him.

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Really when a guy is angry/stressed just stay out of his way, don't let him belittle or walk over you tho stand up for yourself, just tell him to take the car to the carage,and if he refuses just say 'fine,its not my fault the car is brokens so don't take your stress out on me. Whatever you do only put love and light into the relationship, if a fight breaks out, refuse to take part and give that wheel of hatred another spin by replying with bad comments.

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Maybe you two could meet for lunch each day, or spend a few hours in the weekend together, also talk on the phone when you can. What's most important is that you must let him know you're there for him, no matter what. So things are a bit stressed right now, that's ok, as long as you don't allow it to get to you.

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