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Not sure what to do...I need help.

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It doesn't sound like she's a bad person. When she was fooling around with the other guy, she was distant with you. That's because she truly cares about you and couldn’t be fake with you. From the sounds of it, she is a trustworthy person. Just not at that place in her life.


University life is totally about booze cruises (aaahh the good times!) and frat boys and making out with strangers. But it is also a transition period where we feel vulnerable and unsure of our place in the world, and it feels really good to have someone to fall back on.


You should definitely not cut her off. You gave too much of yourself (and your money, and your time and your heart) and expected too much from her. She doesn’t deserve to be cut out of your life. Just lower your expectations and give her only as much trust as she earns, bit by bit. Stay friends and be there for her when she needs someone (and she will do the same). Who knows what the future will bring? Just let her get that wild-girl out of her system!

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don't be jealous... its the worst thing for any relationship..


if my bf (if i had one) told me who i could or couldn't hang out with ... i would seriously consider his security issues. i may consider what he said, especially if i was in a situation like yours... but I would seriously wonder what my boyf would want me to stop doing next time... or who i would have to stop hanging out with later.


Talk to her about it, let her know how you feel... but don't give her an ultimatum... no one wants to be controlled. she can be respectful of your decision...but don't tell her who she can and can't hang out with

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you don't have to hang out with him. If she ever expects you to, then she is walking all over you. Put your foot down.


I would ask her not to mention the frat guy to you. Tell her that it's rude and insensitive to talk about him. But that she is free to do as she likes.

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