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i started working a job last week which will last through the end of this month and while i wasn't working, i got used to talking to my bf online. so i started to miss being able to catch up on things like before, but it's hard because the 8 hour difference.


even though i ended up doing stuff yesterday, as did he, i was hoping that we'd get to chat for a bit today when i got home. i guess i was just disappointed that we weren't really able to chat or that he didn't text me to say hi and such. i'm sure he was tired when he got home since he was visited a friend and had to drive for an hour and a half, but it's hard through when you get home and look forward to relaxing and chatting with your SO and they're not online or answer your text messages. he signed on and said he was going to bed and we chatted briefly. i miss him.


i wished he had been affecitonate online if anything. but i was acting kinda weird, but probably because i was disappointed that we weren't able to talk much.


anyway, i just wanted to vent a little. thanks.

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Hey monkey, I know how you feel. Everyday I look forward to talking to my boyfriend at the end of the day. Most of the time we talk for a decent amount of time, but once in awhile our schedules don't mesh and I end up with a 5 minute convo. I get really disappointed too, but then I just remind myself that we have a ton of great conversations and they can't all be that way. Anyway, just wanted to let you know that someone out there gets it!

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