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Ok...so it's Friday night and I'm still stewing endlessly over my ex of 2 years one month to the day after the breakup...so I'm online looking for

stuff to read to heal my broken heart and I come accross link removed so I think oh yeah another breakup remedy. The book I found at the store (how to get your ex-lover back) was somewhat helpful, but it kind of assumed that you were in pretty close contact with your ex and actually had some stuff that just plain doesn't work--like lots of gifts and cards for the ex. So Friday night I order the ebook from the advice diva .... It's a good one. Well worth the $18.00 I am starting to date again and working out and things are turning around for me. Check it out.

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i also bought that book - it's def. been helping. if anything it made me realize that being depressive and being overly available was not helping my chances. i've also realized that there are other fish in the sea and that i am worthy of a good fish (even though i consider the ex to be an good fish) so why not start fishing. and as a friend pointed out "just because you're fishing doesn't mean you're catching".


i'm not sure how things are going to pan out (but right now i'm being positive and not worrying) - the ex and i are doing a no contact period for a semester to give each other some space. so far it is working out ok. i'm following the book's advice and getting myself back together, exploring my options. also making sure i'm smiling a lot anytime i bump into the ex. for example the other day i was at a social event where he was too. although i was uneasy about seeing him and watching him interact with other girls esp. i kept my chin up, smile excessively and had a good time. i think he was a little surprised and def. noticed that i was doing well. i caught a little look of "gee i still have feelings for you, i'm a little surprised you're doing so well".


the whole thing shouldn't surprise me much. after we broke up, we kept up contact although it was up and down. i've noticed he was much more into me when i had my self confidence up and was not afraid to consider possibilities with other guys. i read the book and a little light went off in my head!


so keep me updated on how its going for you bungalo and i'll keep you updated on mine. hopefully the diva will pan out in the end!

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Been said on here and everywhere else. No one wants back a pathetic whinning loser. Be strong be everything you were when they feel in love with you. Thats the person they want. You will also find other people attracted to you because if you exude confidence people are attracted to you. Leave the saddness and depression in check at the door and don't let them see it. Behind closed doors and home so what but not in front of them. Try and do stuff for yourself. Anything you can think of.....

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