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wanting to cut


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hey - in a way, your desire to cut is good, because it seems like you are unhappy and you want to do someting that will CHANGE how you feel.


but cutting will not make your problems go away. if you cut, you will still have your problem there, 5 minutes later.


I have a similar issue.... when i am upset or depressed, my first instinct is to reach for a donut or junk food, and it is hard. I finally realized one day that eating a donut or a burger will make me feel good for 15 minutes, but then my problem is still there, and I am 500 calories fatter. So, I've had a battle myself with fighting these urges.


focus on healthier activities to make you feel better. i like watching comedies or LOST, call a friend, have a bubble bath.


please call a counselor or therapist. (one that will be good for you - I seem to remember you posting a few months ago about a really crappy therapist).


or PM any of us or post here until your urge to cut passes.

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