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how to tell everyone


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Well i have done the deed and am beginning to tell everyone i am single again - today was the worst day as i kept feeling like bursting into tears and i went to a bar last night and felt so alone knowing no one loved me like before.


I had to tell people who asked after my ex b we broke up without being upset - it was really hard - i am so worried about how to move on meet people how to meet someone new


what do you suggest

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what do you suggest

I suggest you don't even try to meet anyone new right now.


In your present state of mind you'll probably only attract desperate losers.


Yikes, that sounded harsh! What I'm trying to say is that no sane, well adjusted adult (which is surely the kind of person you would want to meet) would be terribly interested in going out with someone who has just ended a relationship and is still torn up about it.


As for the telling people part, have a pat answer ready that you use all the time until you've moved forward a bit and it is not so painful.

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I second Kafka. Have a pat answer. Give it a test run and tweak it as needed. Make sure it's something that flatters you and doesn't seem bitter. Here's a good one: "We grew apart."


You can tell your good friends what really happened. Nobody else needs to know (or really cares about) the real story.


As for meeting someone new, Kafka's right again - don't do it!

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