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Ex just sent a txt... opinions?


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Well heres a small background towards the txt...




I didnt wish her good luck in the end i kept NC.


So she sent me a message this morning saying this


"I havent done it, i postphoned it til next week cause i had a break down on one of my lessons, couldnt cope with everythin that was happening at the moment."


Whats your opinion on the above message?

To me, she is upset, and very stressful. She started uni last week and has to travel there and back monday to friday, and the travel time is 1hr30mins or more.


Could she be missing me, feeling very upset and not moved on yet?


opinions please.

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no she hasnt moved on she wants your support my ex bf is doing this to me he calls to say he misses me etc but a decision has been reached and you cant be her support forever or nothing will change she needs to find others to support her now you cant be responsible for her feeling this way - you broke up for a reason.


scenario 1

you text back but say you are strong you will be fiine - she will feel better for a bit of contact but then she may reply to you and nc broken and all your hardwork goes awray.

scenario 2

you do nothing - worry about her feelings go insane but are stong and nc carries on but will you be ok about this?

scenario 3

well it depends on what text you say but i wouldnt send something lovely dovey just to the point if you wish to.


i think if i were you i would do number 1 but if she replies then leave it - but that is because when you care for someone it pains to see them feeling this way.


I cant remember how you broke up - if she cheated scrap all of this and nc.

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she wants you as a back up - someone to tell her it will be ok.


she needs to deal with her stuff on her own. and not be relying on you for that.


My advise would be not to reply. This is a text fuelled with emotion. you'll end up in a emotional 'text' conversation that will do neither of you any good.


i know you want to reply and be there for her as you have done previously. But YOU come first now.



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