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today at college i felt like a complete prat my boyfriend hardly spoke to me when we were at college and when i was in the libary doin my assignment he spend most of the time talking to a girl on his course. it made me feel really down because i felt like he'd rather talk to her than me. i wasn't too sure what to do and my boyfriend is a complete wizard when it comes to computers and everytime i asked him to show me somethin he kept saying in a minute but he had time to sit there and chat to this girl on his course. i really felt like making a scene but then i thought why bother and i didnt really wanna make myself look like a fool infront of people. I've been with him a year next thursday and i do love him but it really annoyed me that he spend most of his time talkin to this girl rather than me his own girlfriend. i did phoned him at dinnertime and i told him i wasnt happy and he said oh dont worry she's always like that with me shes my body guard? whats that supposed to mean?

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i mean if that was me he'd soon be shouting his mouth off but for some reason i didnt wanna say anything to him even though it really wound me up. ive been through alot with him and we have had our ups and downs but everytime i've spoken to one of his mates ive never been all over them like she was with him today and ages ago his mate told me he liked me but i just took no notice of it cos at the end of the day i didnt want him i wanted rick (my bf) but he will throw that at me sometimes and i don't even fancy him he liked me but he'll always make out it's me who likes him.

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Was she acting flirty towards him or something? I don't understand why he would say not to worry about it because she's always like that?


Honestly, it was very disrespectful of him to completely ignore you and talk to this other girl.


But was he doing an assignment too? Maybe he just didn't want to bother you while you did your work? Maybe he was bored?

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the girl was working on her assignment but rick (my bf) wasn't he was sharing a computer with his mate looking at football sites but she kept leaning over and resting her head on his shoulder. I really felt stupid she knows that i'm his girlfriend and i reckon that's why she was doing it all the more because she knew i could see her doing it. then a few minutes later rick left with his mate to go home and she and her mate followed not long after and that made me more angry cos i thought they were leaving together. she came back in a few seconds later, sat back down and said oh he's not come back then. by that time i was fuming so i just printed my work off and went. I phoned him and said what was all that about and he said there's nothing in it shes got a boyfriend and shes been with him 2 years but she's always like it she's my body guard. He said they say daft things like that to each other cos of the course there on but i don't know how far she's really pushed it with him and i know for a fact he wouldn't tell me cos he knows how upset and angry i'd be. for all i know she might be the sort of girl who offers it to anyone, i trust rick wouldn't do anything behind my back but i dunno...

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I think that her flirting with him right in front of you was really wrong and he shouldn't have allowed it.


Honestly, if I was you I would have a big talk with him. Don't yell at him or acuse him of anything, just say that it really hurt you to see that and you feel disrespected.


If he really cares about you, then he will show it. He will understand how you feel.. and if he doesn't, then he's just a jerk. I'll bet he wouldn't have liked it one bit if he was in your position and "just another guy" was flirting with you like that.

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