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Breaking NC. Not sure what to do?


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You can read the background here




My ex has her driving test tomorrow and i want to wish her good luck and hope she passes. Can i send a simple text and to the point to wish her the luck?


I want to say something like


"Hi Laura. I've txt you to wish you good luck on your test tomorrow, i hope you pass"


Should i break NC and go to LC. It's been 2 weeks 1 day since the break up and 1 week 3 days since NC started.


I feel the need to let her know.


What should i do?



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I've been through this whole dilemma plenty of times, and I've broken NC and all it does is make things worse. If you break NC it may set you back more. I'm sure most members on this forum will agree with me - DON"T DO IT!!!! Stick with NC!!!!!Remember - there is nothing you can say or do that will make her like you again - it is totallly up to her.

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Yes people on the forum will advise not to break...however every situation is different...


Why do you want to text her? (obviously i know why...but WHY?!) is it so she knows you've not forgotten her? Is it so she knows you still think about her? Is it because you want her back? or want to be friends?


what are your motives - and be brutally honest - what is it you're hoping to get?


If your genuinely hoping to get nothing from texting and simply feel the need - then fine. If you are hoping something will come of it - don't do as you'll take yourself back to a place where you've been before...

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I agree, every situation is different. And while you have a right to do NC (I think I'm just bad at it) I would be thinking 'I should at least say good luck', because you were a special part of her life, and maybe she deserves a nice text. Or maybe she doesn't... Only you know what's best.


If you do send one, be prepared that she might not write back, because while she could be nice and say 'thanks' she really doesn't need to.

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