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Is it possible to never get over your ex?

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Me & my ex have been separated for 2 years. I did something stupid (i didnt cheat) and well he dumped me. After 2 years of trying to reconcile, being friends whatever, nothing really worked out. So he asks me back, but of course, it did not work out and just cause all the feelings I had of him to come right back and hurt me. Now i know for sure, me and this guy, will never work out.


But that past is putting a burden on me, i see his face, hear his laugh, think of the times and i say " it maybe it can work" but i think of all the negative (which outweighs the positive) but still i see something shinning cause i think maybe there was/is a possibility


i need help

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I think it is always possible but it takes damned hard work, total acceptance of what has happened, forgiveness and complete removal from them for at least 3-6 months if you cannot do in whilst in contact, I know a few that have and can but in my opinion in order for all these things to be worked on and for you to heal and then, and only then can you go back and try to rebuild the trust and relationship.


If you dwell on the past, keep dragging up your old emotions and pain without doing anything to heal yourself or change who you are or learning from your mistakes then things will NEVER changed and you will have to be apart forever..


Change comes from within, it's up to you.

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