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Should it matter???

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Okay i have been involved with my boyfriend for almost goen on 3 yrs. IM AM CURRENTLY 17 AND HE IS 22 and we are soo....happy together well is just the age factor that freaks me out sometimes cause u know how people be like well when your __ he'll be___ and im like OMG !!! you know but i love him more than anything and he's the greatest person i know and he makes me happy !!! I just need some advice ....is the age diff. kind of off....wat do you think please REPLY !!!

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Three years is awhile to be worryn about it now ya knoe. my bf is 22 and im 16. i met him when i was 14. Its about communication and commitment, not the age difference. I have trouble with my relationship b.c i think he should be with someone more his age.. but i guess its common..my best friend is in the same boat....but you really shouldnt care how old he will be when your 25. All that matters is that you love eachother and hes not taking advantage of you.

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