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Little survey about doubts

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Is it normal to have some doubts about your relationship, even if it's good?

I remember my uncle saying he wasn't totally sure about about getting married , when he got married. He has been with my Aunt for 29 years now.

I am hoping that in most relationships there is an ebb and flow. Things can't always flow, just like things don't always flow for me personally or professionally.

Sometimes I feel very close to my boyfriend, sometimes I feel distance.

Since this is my first real relationship, I am wondering what is normal and what is not.

Maybe there is no normal.

What do you think? Especially if you are in a long term , pretty good relationship I want your opinion.

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Hi Ascheigh,


There is a great book called "Lies at the Alter" by Robin L. Smith. She talks about exactly what it is your going through. I am not sure if you are engaged or if he is just a LTR?


I think it's normal to have doubts but if you are having them all the time that may be cause for concern. Relationships aren't always on a calm sea sometimes there are storms to get through. If you can manage through them then you are have a pretty good hold of things.


Do you live together? Do you have friends that you still do things with? How about him does he have his friends?

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