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Breaking up. You never know how much you love someone until they are gone. You can never see through the blinding mist of your loathing for someone until its to late. In the end, you look back at the dismissed relationship and replay all of the good times like a slide show; consequently, doing this replays bad times of hate, misery, and feelings of abhor. Do not take the one's you love for granted, just as quickly love came, love will leave even faster. If you hate a person, you hate something in that person that is apart of yourself. What i mean is that look from within before you turn your back on the one you love. Its never that bad. The price of hating others is loving one self less....


we broke up a couple of days ago and still are talking does this mean we should get back together or take some time to see what we want from each other. Things have to change though (TRUST)

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the good and the bad


and u stand back and look at the painting


isn't it really just a slice of life...a moment in time


30 seconds out of your lifetime


u learned more about life and yourself and others thru a relationship that encompasses all that life throws at us...


i would rather have that drift with the tide and never see how change is not that hard

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