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Plz help me!!


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Hi everyone im new to this site ive been looking around for the past few days so i decided to finally join. well heres my problem ive been dating my g/f for 3 years and she broke up with me last week ive taking it a little hard but im doing a NC but she calls me once a day or texts me once a day or so. I have a very good feeling about her being the one. But basically she broke up cause of me and my actions, accusing her of cheating on me, lying to her (very little trust for me yes i was immature but now i feel more mature that im going thru all this), and the biggest once of them all was when i wasnt there when she had the abortion 2 years ago. I feel very very bad about it and i wanna make it up to her and show her that im sorry. I also wanna be with her. i never cheated on her and she never cheated on me i just basically wanna show her how sorry iam for my actions, and i want her to earn back my trust. I feel so bad of my actions and need some advice plz its killing me inside, thanks

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Hello, I'm a woman and this is something i do to make my man feel good and relaxed.

1 get a room

2 go to the food store get about 4 roses, grapes, strawberries cool whip, chunks of ham, chunks of cheese, toothpicks

3 then go to the dollar store and get some red, sliver, white metalic balloons, let them put air in them. buy also two balloons that say i love you that already got air in it. buy some birthday sprinkle ( just listen and i'll tell you what to do with it all ok) some red plates, and red napkins, red plastic table cloth, two wine glasses, four white candles little, four red, four sliver, some bubble bath and some floating flower candles, an invatation card that is pretty, and a gift box, some eye cover on the toy ille.

4 go to wal-mart or kmart get some body oil, and her something nice to wear, if you know what i mean. and you the same that matches.

5 go to the liquor store and by something you both like to drink. if you don't drink get some sparkle juice.

okay now it's time to work your love on her soul

i have to finish this on another page

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get the invatation card and write on it

your invited to a party for two. the place, the time make sure it's good for you both. give it to her hand deliver it and tell her nothing just make sure she gets there. purchase the room, take all the things you bought there with you make sure it has a little fridge. put the sleep wear in the box and tie the two balloons that say i love u, on it. place one of the roses on the box. get your candles set up don't light them until she is on the way, have her to text you. take the rose petals off the stem and keep them they will go in the tub on top of the bubbles don't run the bath until she is on the way, after it's done put floating candles on the top and light them, oh you'll gona have so much fun.... take out the table cloth and put it on the floor, use the room ice cooler to sit drink in and place the two wine glasses next to it. then get a plate and put the ham an cheese on it with the toothpicks next to it. then do the same with your fruit okay stay with me dude. get the party spinkles and put it on the floor from the door to the bed and on the bed. get the eye covers and put them on the outside door knob with a note that says put on before you knock. make sure you have the room together before she is on the way. put on your matching sleepwear and answer the door walk her in have all lights off sorry i forgot let all the metallic balloons be on the ceiling okay. lights off get her gift and put it in her hands then take off the eye cover and the rest is in your ballcourt have some nice music playing.... GOOD LUCK I KNOW THIS WILL MAKE HER FALL IN LOVE ALL OVER AGIAN AND ALWAYS TREAT HER GOOD SO YOU WONT LOOSE HER AGIAN.......

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