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a sad day indeed


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yesterday was the first day i had no contact with a partner of five years . its sad , and today ive stuck to my guns "to give her the freedom she wants" and kept it that way. i realise how hard its going to be the loss is massive and one sided . whats the point of telling someone over and over you care when they dont care if you do or not? yesterday was the first day of nc. for her it was sunday...ouch!

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Motog...the first NC time is ROUGH...Especially when you are used to talking to the person every day...But in time it gets easier and it really is better. I hated it in the beginning...absolutely hated it...but others in a similiar situation who had contact told me NC was better...and looking back it is...I could focus on myself and my own healing...Hang in there!

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Yeah Motog...I know all too well...and really I don't understand that statement "No one will love me like you do"...What is that about???

All I can say is that one day at a time, one moment at a time it does get better...For me...it took almost a couple of months before I was somewhat okay...I just kept putting one foot in front of the other...I leaned on my friends...And like I said, although NC was HARD...looking back it was for the best...I just couldn't see it at the time...

And there are still some days I want to pick up the phone and say What the heck???? But I don't and I won't...

I have come too far to go that far back...Keep hanging in there!

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Okay, here is some advice from someone that just broke 4 weeks of NC: DON'T BREAK DOWN! The pain after this time is *worse*!

Here si what I did though, to get thru the first month: I kept my phone on silent and buried it in the closet at nights so that I wouldn't be obsessively worried about the phone call that never came.

Looking back now, were there any warning signs taht she gave off? That the relationship was doomed?

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