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I'm so lost...need help desperately !!


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I'm currently living in Malaysia and i'm going to graduate soon(high school)...so i'm thinking of studying interior design here(M'sia) or going to japan to study...


now the big problem is here...if i go to japan, i think i will be not coming back to M'sia and i'm going to stay, live and work there....but it's not possible for me to leave everything here right????


the second thing is...if i stay here(M'sia) to study, i might lost my chance to go to japan....


the third...PARENTS!!!! how am i going to say to them that i want to go japan???? they want me to study in M'sia but i DON'T...omg...how to tell them my plans??


i'm just so lost...

please..anyone?? help me??

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the best school in my mind is in M'sia but i think i would find a better school in japan..moreover, i would like to go there a.s.a.p...


i don't know...i just think that life is too short for me..i got a high ambition..u have no idea what i want to be in this interior designing field..i'm not like being proud or so but i think that we will achive our goals as soon as we can...


and thanks for your reply NJRon..

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Don't *think* there is a better school in Japan until you know. Talk to other Interior Designers, see what they think the best school is. If you are so gung-ho to be the best... go to the best school wherever that is and then move wherever you want to go. I am sure your parents would be more supportive of you going wherever you needed to go if they knew it was because you wanted the best education.


Is there someone in particular in Japan that is making you want to go there?

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Hmm... two different things.


1. Find the best school... wherever it is... just go fro the best.


2. For Japan... maybe a vacation there would be nice. Something before you start college. If you end up really liking it, you can always go there after you graduate. If you haven't been there, you won't know whether you love it, or just the idea of it.

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