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Hey guys, I came accross the site just recently and read a few things and decided to ask for my own advice. Last year I met this group of girls that were a year younger than me and that I found attractive. I started talking to a few of them and found that I really liked one of them and she seemed to fit every description of the perfect girl for me. Due to being 2 grade levels apart our friends arent exactly aquainted so we rarely just hang out. After knowing them for a few weeks and talking online she proceeded to tell me that her friend liked me and wanted to hookup with me yada yada. I thought her friend was cute yet I liked her moreso. In some stroke of brilliance I manuvered the situation to telling her that I would rather hookup/date her and at this point her friend asked me if I liked her, to which I responed yes. I went to the movies with her on a double date with a friend of mine and a friend of hers we were mutually trying to get together, however she brought along the girl that liked me. Our movie got messed up so we ended up seeing some crap movie and about 5 of her good friend sat right behind us the entire time. She sat way down in her chair the whole time and I found the situation to be sketch so I didnt make a move. Later I found out she had asked all my friends why I hadent which got me confused. We kept talking and such online but started to loose contact more and more. Over Spring break she met another guy and dated him throughout the summer where we didnt talk.... I figured to salvage what may possibly be left I shouldnt hang out with her and the bf because that may put me on the friends ladder. At the start of this school year we got back in toutch and I found she was single again and we started talking again. I told her we should hang out or go to the lake or something and she seemed enthusiastic about it. However everytime I would ask her to go on a date something would go wrong/ her cellphone would break (It would, not just an excuse) so we couldnt go. The other night I talked indepth with her and pretty much asked if she was ever going to be free. She said she was busy with heavy course load, crosscountry meets ect. which seemed to be true. At that point I was fairly frustrated with the whole situation and flat out said that If she really wanted to do anything with me that she would make time. At that point she told me long and drawn out that she wasnt kidding and that I could ask all her friends that she rarely hangs out and all with them. At this point I am unsure exactly where I stand or what I should do. Im not really afraid to do anything to risk our friendship as I dont think I could ever just be friends with her. So im open to any suggestions... Thanks!

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Yeah ive considered that, but the problem is that crosscountry has meets at 5 in the morning like 2 hours away so it would be really hard to do that, I would if it was at my school but things dont always work out. Anyone have any other suggestions.... Im not like trying to find what to do on dates or anything ive been on plenty, but ive never ran into a situation like this before....


And I have waited on her....ie the whole summer, but Its my senior year and I just feel like im running out of time

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Hm, I'd just ask straight out again, maybe at the end of your next conversation, "So, would you like to go out on a date with me?" (I would strictly avoid using the word 'sometime' nor would I put a specific day in the question.)


If she says, "Yes," then ask her, "When would be good for you?"


I would imagine she has a schedule of her meets and such as well as her coursework so she should be able to pinpoint a time. If she says, "Well, I don't know..." find someone else cause to me it would sound like she isn't that interested.

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Alright, thanks, ill try that.. it seems it would be a good indication of what she's thinking. I'm normally really good at reading what girls are thinking or what the status between us is...but she just has me super mixed up, ive never known anyone to do this before. One last question though that applies to this, and id like a girls perspective.. If you have gotten to know a guy in this type situation and like him... not just at first but over a month or 2 period... would you not like him again if you hadnt seen him in a while, or put him on the friends list?

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