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I am a bad person


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Well i am a bad person, i have made someones life a living hell, i made him depressed, made him feel the way i do. i find it hard to live wit my self


Hi Kita,


Bit hard to comment just on these couple of stark lines! Do you want to tell us a bit more?


Just a quick note - I don't think you should call yourself a 'bad' person. I think anyone who is aware of their own actions, and other people's feelings, and worries about what they have done, is probably okay.


Take care.

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but it mattered enough and upset you enough that you posted about it in the first place. If you change your mind, we are always here to listen. And if you want to post about it personally without feedback from posters, you can do so in the 'Private Journals' section. Just so you know you have some options.


Hang in there, I doubt you are a bad person, Kita. Even good people make bad choices sometimes or make mistakes.

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