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The Last Kiss Movie

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I got some special tickets through work to go see this movie last night and hadn't seen the previews/trailers or anything, just knew it was basically "Garden State 2" and I'm a fan of Zach Braff so I was like sure, count me in. Anyway, I'm not going to give anything away or ruin the ending but I just wanted to say that was one of the most painful 2 hours I have sat through since my breakup a few months ago! I can't decide if it was therapeutic to have gone or just plain torture on myself.... so anyway, if anyone here had a breakup that dealt with infidelity and also sees this movie I'd love to hear your thoughts on it as well! It definitely brought back a lot of feelings for me!


(And I'd love to discuss feelings on the end but then we may need to clarify that there might be possible spoilers so we don't ruin it for everyone else in the forum who hasn't seen it? Maybe open a new thread?)

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Oh no, it wasn't sappy or romantic. It was more like Crash. I can't wait til some other people see if. And PLEASE do not go see this movie with someone you are dating! Take a friend!


Anyway- this movie messed up my head and I ended up in the bed of my ex again last night after 3 months of NC. I know I'm going to get some heat for this but I have just decided he is the man I want to be with, I'm never going to settle for less, and if he never comes crawling back to me the way I'm praying every day he will then that's fine- I'll just be an Old Maid. It's incredible when you try to settle for less than the best again and then taste the "real thing". There's just no substitute....

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i am a sucker for a little self-emotional-torture...


sure i'll see it...i loved garden state.


i just hope my ex see's it and sit's there awash in guilt and pain...


but she probably won't...narcissistic people don't realize the damage they cause to others...


the soundtrack is great.



um, in regards to you going back to your ex...that was a bad idea i have to say. once the relationship fails at this level, it's pretty much always best to move on.


just my two cents...what do i know really?

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