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subliminal message?

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Ok, so there's this girl I've liked for nearly a year, didn't chat her up last year at school because we really didn't have any classes and it felt awkward to approach in the hallway when she was with a group of friends. she did like me last year for most of the school year, then gave up, but im assuming she's interested again. So she's been eyeing me ever since the first day of school, got a smile once, and most of the other times no smiles (no i did not smile back, im sorta shy but im breakin out of it). anyway in class, there was a guy friend of hers let's call him "A", and A was talking about "B" his guy friend who's really into the girl. So A said "hey, do you know B is pretty much obsessed with you right?" and the girl said (also she talked a bit louder during this, probably so i can hear it,) "so, i don't like him". But you gotta remember that B is one of her guy friends that want to advance the relationship to the next level, and after she looks at me in a interested way, she looks back at A, then says "I don't know what to do" and then looks at me...so yea then class happens, and I caught her looking at me like around 10-20 times the whole period, and they were interested types of looks, i cant really explain how the look was i just know they are haha. um..yea then when she was talking during class to her friends it wasn't as loud, so i think she wanted me to hear that conversation.


Just so you know, she was interested in me for the longestt time last year, and i think she is again haha (that's the feeling i get anyway).

Also her girlfriends were lookin at me today (she wasn't around) so I guess she talked about me? And, we also talked last year on the 'net for a while, except i never talked to her in person cuz i was too shy then, and talking to her in the halls just seemed VERY uncomfortable (i know you gotta go for what's uncomfortable to break the comfort zone n all but i didnt). so im thinking about like just sayin hey on break next week and ill see where that gets me


Advice is much appreciated, thanks.


Oh, and if girls could reply only that'd be great...

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It seems like she's definitely into you! I know that when I like a guy, I can't help but look at him, especially when discussing who I may or may not like (not necessarily because I intend him to hear, just out of habit, I suppose).


Good idea with taking things slow and just talking to her during break. Let her know you're interested too so she doesn't get discouraged from approaching you. Hopefully talking to her won't be too uncomfortable: the approach is always a bit awkward, but after that it should all flow naturally.

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