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What has the best chance to survive

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I really wish there was some mathmatical equation you could do that would give you the survival rates of relationships in certain situations.


However there is not. There really is no way to tell.


Sometimes you just have to hope for the best with absolutely no certainty when it comes to love.


Sorry I couldn't help you more. Good luck.

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I think the best way to survive a breakup is to move on. While it is true that some people get back together... those that do quickly, typically get back together in the same relationship... which is broken. If the issues aren't resolved, then it does no good.


On rare occasions, people get back together after years. That's not really getting back together as far as I am concerned. It's a new relationship with new people. It's much better IMHO, as both people have changed and, ideally, fixed the issues that wled to the original breakup in the first place.


Getting back together is rarely advantageous. Moving on and having a new relationship, after you have absorbed the lessons learned, is. If that happens to be with someone you went out with before... then that could be good. Regardless.. it should be a new relationship.


Still thinking about getting back together after 6 months is unhealthy. Instead, look toward yourself... and then a new relationship may come along... one that is better... they usually are.

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again, no mathematical equation, but...


the longer a relationship is broken up the less likely it is to get back together.


i agree with that. the longer the period after the breakup, the more likely it is that your ex has moved on.


but i think that most reconciliations that happen within only a few weeks or months of being broken up are usually just because one or both parties are lonely and depressed...they probably haven't worked out their issues, they just miss each other. so don't be too jealous of those couples.

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yeah, no mathmatical equation.

I think it depends from relationship to relationship.

Its strange but personally i do belief in the long period of breakup.

Cause you give the ability to miss eachother and it proofs that you really want to work it out.

You get space and time to work on youreself.

but it doesnt mean you both want to work it out.

And i think NC is no option if you want to work things out.


what do you guys think? am i right or not?

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I agree with stealth, ive been broken up now getting on 6 months, from a really long relationship.


And i think now being able to look back how i was and what i did to try and "get back together" this longer period has be invaluable not only to myself getting "my crap together" but also in affirming i still love my ex and i know i always will. We didnt leave on bad terms just "grew apart" apparently so i think in that context the longer the time frame the better to reposition our mindsets to our own lives, and hopefully at least from my perspective truly know if what i felt was love. I hope she has done/ wondered this too, and as such i have tried to make contact only recently after months without talking, as of yet no reply (1 week) but i know she isnt one to ignore indefinitely, i hope she is just considering it and hasnt dismissed it.


In any case the bonus is that ive sorted my own crap out in the meantime


oh yea i mite add we did the whole get back together after a week apart, and it last for another year or so, wasnt bad but wasnt great cos i think we both took for granted our comfortable "feeling of a relationship". This time around if we were to talk and maybe one day take that route i think it would be ALOT better and i would definitely know should it ever fail again, ive done my all.

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