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There's the "prerequisite" for my story (both of them)


So this girl thinks I'm getting a little to clingy... But heres the thing. During the summer, we used to hang out all the time and spend hours on the phone! We both had lots of fun! But now, she's in school and has a job. Naturally, we can't see eachother that much or talk that much. So right now we spend maybe 1 day per week together and talk about 5-10 minutes per night! But for some reason, it's bothering her that I want to talk as much as possible. I think it's only natural for me to want that, considering we're best friends! So is it too much to ask her to talk more often or hang out more often???

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Is it too much? or not enough? I guess it depends on who you ask. It's obviously not too much from your end. You're wanting to. She on the other hand, from what you say, sees it as too much.

There must be a reason. We have to start listening to other people's cues and giving them what they need at the time. We can't win people over by ignoring their needs.

When people seem to be distancing themselves, it's more important to give them the space than to rack you're brain trying to figure out why. Lots of times it has nothing to do with us, but moreso things they have to figure out for themselves.

All you can do is ask.... and accept. Good luck

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I don't think though that you have to let her call all the shots. It still has to be give and take. Maybe just don't call as often as you normally do...skip a day. There doesn't have to be a reason why.

Maybe she wants to be the one to call sometimes... but if you're the one calling all the time or everyday...then she doesn't really have the chance to.

And.. she's got new things going on. I'd say be patient. Even friends have to compromise.

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