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im so confused

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hi evry one this is my first post .... a few weeks ago my boyfriend of 2 yrs asked me to move out because he thaught we were to yong and he wanted things to be the way they were wen we first got together but he insists that he loves me more than any thing ....he has done this to me a few times before but he allways asks me back .... i dont kno what to do


allso whene ever i ask to go clubbing with him he allways says no he wouldent enjoy going with me and g/f an b/f dont do that kinda stuff together .... what can i do to get him to come out clubbing with me plzzzzzz help

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I don't understand what you are confused about? If the guy was truly in love with you, he wouldn't ask you to move out. If they guy was truly in love with you he wouldn't mind going out clubbing with you. I think you need to be less concerned about clubbing and focus more on the big picture and what his message to you is! He wants his cake and you know what else! Get it out of your head that he really loves you, love isn't a part time thing! Move Out and Move On!



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