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So after being my bf's best friend helping him over come his health problems like diabetes and his mental problems like dyslexia he dumps me 2months in to the relationship



we have been so close and best friends for a year then one day out the blue he ses " i wanna be single" so i asked why he said hes confused i aceepted it and he ses we will never get back together -


so it hurts so bad and i cant change how he feels so then we share the same group of friends so i have to see him and he still tries to hug me n hold me n hold ma hand n im too weak to tell him not too, iv realised hes not the one for me anyway long term future wise but then why does it hurt so much n why do i still wanna be with him?

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Its sad to say, but sometimes people who have problems will use someone to help them get through a rough spot and when they're better dump the one person who has done so much for them. Its not always intentional and may not be malicious, they hurt and reach out for what ever comfort they can. You need to be strong, you're a good person to help him and care for him. It may help to spend some time away from him, not putting yourself in situations where he can hug you or make contact. He's still holding on to you, if you cut him off completely then he'll know what he's really given up.

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I'm guessing you feel unappreciated. You obviously were very commited to him by staying by his side through all of these problems that must have been very hard for him. It's not unusual to want to be with someone who's not right for you. He probably is unsure of what he wants. He clearly doesn't want to eliminate you from his life. Try just being friends him for now and friendly towards him. See where it goes

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Thanks guy yesterday was really hard i feel like he is messing with my head i went with him to a job interview for moral support yday cos i felt bad for him then he took me to lunch and then a movie i tried to make excuses but im so weak when it comes to him he held ma hand n hugged me i just hurt n burned inside i have so many feelings for him why is he doin this to him and its even worse cos im letting him


we didnt kiss or anytin cos i cudnt but i felt like there was moments where we cud have then he txt me in the evenin sayin im so attached to u grrr

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