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Looking for ideas for 1st anvrsy.


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I suggest making something. To me, made gifts are always so much sweeter than store bought things.


Let's see, what does she like? What do you like? What do you like to do together?


My boyfriend made me this thing our first year. It was in a frame and it was all sorts of pictures of each of us when we were kids. Then the next year he made me a little book, and the characters were little cats, that was about how he asked me out and our first date and stuff.


So you could do some sort of collage with pictures of you both. Or maybe make a cd of songs that make you think of her.


And of course you should plan something really sweet for the day!

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I would say do something that is uniquely "you guys". What is an aspect of your relationship that is different from those you know? What do you guys enjoy doing together? Do that, and then add a romantic twist to it...


For example, if you guys are avid hikers say, plan an epic hike somewhere beautiful, and bring picnic items along and a bottle of wine for lunch...


Make it stand out! Don't just "go to dinner or something". Use your imagination and show this woman how special she and this relationship is to you!


I think a lasting memory in this way will make a fine gift...

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