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How to Fix a Broken Heart?

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Any body got any advice on how to mend a newly broken heart?


My G/F left me, for good i think this time, its been 1 Year 10 Months 6 Days, 12 Hours 41 Minutes 45 seconds that weve been together. Not anymore. Normally sure we break up for about 10 minutes and were back together.


This time seems diffrent. Its for good. She said she doesnt love, and theres lots of other more complicated issues, but the simple thing is she said shes not happy with me, and i just want her to be happy.


I will not be happy without her i fear. But i hope she will.


It hurts though. What to do to make the pain go away?



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You just need to give yourself time. A lot of it. It won't be easy and you will have good days and bad, but I promise you will feel completely better eventually!


You can always come here everytime you need someone to talk to. And you should make sure to keep yourself busy. Instead of sitting at home, alone, thinking about her, call some friends and go do something! Also, this might be a great time to take up a new hobby.


Also, I find that writing in a journal helps with heart breaks. Maybe you could see what you think about that.

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I can tell you now, at the eighth? (i lost count) month point, that you WILL feel happy again. Now maybe you will always love her. Thats okay. It doesn't mean you wont be happy. I miss the past with my ex, but I am happy. Tonight was one of those reflective nights for me, yes they still happen even a long time - but they feel different.


Go to the gym. I have found that the thing that NEVER fails to make me feel better. In eight months, it has been the absolute best thing.

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Yes give yourself some time to heal that broken heart. While your at it, stay away from your ex while you are healing. She doesn't have to see you like this and you shouldn't torture yourself. No visits, phone calls, text messages, email, going on her myspace, instant messages, etc. No communication with her whatsoever. I know it hurts now but what really helped me was writing in a journal, reading books, playing video games, and watching a lot of tv. I know you probably don't feel like any of those things but force yourself. Go shopping and buy that ipod video (60 gigs) that you always wanted. Spoil yourself rotten.

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