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not intersted at all

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girls dont seem to be intersted in me at all or maybe some are but i dont how to make a move or wutever and am sick of it am gettin tired and i feel like giving up on this. am so nervous when i talk to gurla and i dont know y i guess i dont have the confidence i dont know is it because of how i look...because all my friends have girls intersted in them but me i dont know why


anyways your help would be appreciated

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hell don't worry buddy, i'm 18 and still no girl, I thought the same, but I'm fine now, I'll contact you via pm and give u my msn so I can help you out here, I was once like you, but hey...look, you're 15yrs old, don't worry about women at your age, you've got school to worry about, an education, something that sets you up for life, and then you can focus on the ladies...


Dont stress over something that doesnt need to be stressed about, like I said, I was once like you, and because of these exact same thoughts and feelings, it actually lowered my chances of getting a woman, why? no girl wants a dead sh*t boyfriend...they want someone positive and exciting...so be that, get out, do something with your life, rather than feel sorry for yourself because you don't have what everyone else has...your time will come, but right now, just focus on your school work, women come after hours.

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yup, I got the pm, I've got windows live messenger though, and it's weird to add people, when I thought I added you, I don't think it did because you werent online...as I'm online almost all the time except when I sleep (I'm not at my computer all day though, I jsut leave msn on) you should be able to just say hi or whatever just to confirm that you're added...my msn name is Nathan (my real name) just so it's easier for you to find out which one on your contact list I am.

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