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I had posted my story many times.My situation is my exboyfriend hopes to get back with me,but not right now.He hopes we start as friends and take a slow steps to get back.He said only when he feel I can think about his feeling and feel comfortable to date me,which we will get back.


He doesn't know when this will happen and how it happen.He just said we both need make effort to work on it,which is friendship right now.He always said relatioship don't exsit without friendship.


I still feel love him and miss him so much everyday.I still feel hurt.I learn that I shouldn't look for the hope and sign of getting back.I think if i lose the feeling for him and get over him will help me.I hope we can back to when we frist date,we were at the same level and equal.


I don't want to do NC,sorry for those people gave me this suggestion.I want to wait for that day happen and try to move on.

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Hey Na Zhang-


After reading this thread and how you responded to the responses to your last thread, my advice to you is wait for him, chase him, empty yourself trying to rekindle the relationship. I have a feeling you are set on this path anyway...and you need to learn "the hard way" for yourself what we all have been through and told you in your previous post...


So yeah, keep giving this guy your heart. No matter what, I think ultimately you will be fine. Either he takes notice of your efforts, figures himself out, decides he does want more than a friendship with you, and you guys go on to live a happy fulfilling life together, or you exhaust yourself in this process, it comes to pass where you just don't care anymore because of this exhaustion, you hurt very badly for a while, really learn from this, and apply what you learned here to a fulfilling relationship in the future...


So it might hurt like hell for a while, but in the long run you'll be fine...just don't get married, pregnant, or commit any crimes against this guy...

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