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I take Evening Primrose Oil to help with mood swings - not sure if it helps, but my nails are fantastic!!


I also take Perfectil (a multi-vitamin supplement specially designed for hair, skin and nails). This is fantastic - due to illness I shed a fair bit of hair at the start of the year, and after taking this for five months, my hair has grown back thicker and glossier than ever!


Plus garlic capsules, vitamin B, and I flirt with stuff like sea kelp, ginseng, gingko balbao and various other stuff from time to time - not sure any of it does any good, lol! But it makes me feeling like I'm trying...!!


Great thread, btw!

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folic acid


Fish oil- has seemed to help lower my cholesterol

St. John's Wort- makes me feel less tense, relaxed


Whey protein shake 2X per day



I normally only used to take whey protein and mutlivitamin, but recently I stopped taking the birth control pill after 11 years of taking it- so I began taking the other supplements to help make it a smoother transition for my body. So far I feel really good. (Though I can't scientifically attribute this to the supplements...though they seem to be working)


I am interested especially in any supplements that were helpful in weight loss

Weight loss is best achieved through proper diet and exercise, although B-complex is supposed to be good for your metabolism.


I have whey protein shakes because I need more protein in my diet and I believe it helps me to build lean muscle mass better when I weight train.

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