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condom crisis


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me & my b/f use condoms everytime we have sex, but the thing im asking is well when we first start going at it we dont use one and about half way thru we put one on in case or when he cums. is there still a possiblility to get preg. even though we do use a condom when he goes, but jus not to start out with??

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In order for condoms to effectively protect against pregnancy, they must be put on before the penis enters the vagina-- precum, or cowper's fluid, contains semen.... and all it takes is one.


Not to mention the risk of contracting STI's.


Is it really worth the risk?

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This thread makes me remember the time I was drinking with a mate in a park on new years eve, he told me he had contracted oral herpes because he was always sleeping around. I laughed at him for about the next three hours...


God that was funny.


Be careful is the morale of the story.

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Show this to your boyfriend because I'll bet he is interested in having better sex too...

If you love your b/f enough to want to have sex, ask about marriage, if he gives excuses or delays, then he is probably not the man for you or your future babies. If he loves you, he would work on finding a way to make it happen for both of you because you can both get better enjoyment out of sex this one way... by getting married, you can have all the sex you want, not worry about either one of you cheating because you made vows of fidelity to each other, and you can welcome any future babies into your family. Not only that, you get a blessing and help from: your friends, families, and most importantly, God.


By having pre-marital sex, yes, you can get pregnant, but worse you can get a disease, and even worse, (do you love God?) you are committing the sin of pre-marital sex, please talk to your priest/pastor/minister, or trusted religious person for advice and help...before it's too late.

Take care and God bless you both.

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