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a spin on relationship anxiety...

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Ok so Ill be upfront in saying that I have an anxiety disorder..GAD to be exact. I think Im a good guy, sensitive, and I treat women well. Ive dated girls and such but Ive only had 2 serious relationships. Im currently in the 2nd one now. Im scared because this one is very similar to the last one. At first things are amazing. We love deeply and cant get enough of each other. I must admit that I am very independent and I have problems with commitment. After a while Ill start doubting the relationship even though the woman is wonderful...caring, trusting, supportive, beautiful...everything a guy could want. I ended my last relationship of 4 years and I still think about it a lot...I was very anxious but I felt the need to get out because I was young and inexperienced. Now I have another great girl and the overanalyzation and obsessive thoughts are killing me again and I dont want to do something Ill regret!! She is wonderful. Relationships just seem to trigger my anxiety. My ex is still friends with some of my friends and hearing her name always makes me very anxious..I hate the whole thing and Im frustrated. I feel like Ill end up with a list of women that I * * * *ed up with that will make me anxious, though I know my ex still loves me, but I have a new gf now that I love...Sorry this is long!

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I think it is difficult leaving any realtionship especially if you loved the person.But for one thing that I know for sure you can't judge every woman by your ex..we are not the same,but we all judge the new person to some degree from the last one we were with.

Just because your previous partner hurt you does not mean your current gf will.I think relatonships in general make alot of people anxious (me included) that is pretty normal.there is always some bit of stress in a relationship no matter how small or how big.Just try to go with the flow and try not to analize everything and if you love her as you say you do..keep the lines of communication wide open.If your anxious tell her and talk to her about it and I am sure you will both feel better by discussing your feelings with one another.

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