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pregnancy symptoms & multivitamins..?


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I have done my IUI for the first time and today is the 6th day past ovulation.




doctor has prescribed multivitamin daily night. but I have taken by mistake

one day twice. i am getting scared..its vitamin A content is 5000 IU and folic acid is 500 IP mcg.


Will my child get birth defects due to over dosage( twice a day) 1 or 2 days of multvitmin of consumption?


I have also taken multivitamin today morning after 12 hrs of consumption in the night by mistake . I will be skipping inthe night. but is this gap sufficent ?


Symptoms of getting pregnant


i am anxious to know to be pregnant


my symptoms include:


3 dpo sore left nipple only, no breast changes


4 dpo feels abdominal cramping as if I used to get 2-3 days before periods. ( I have a 30 - 32 cyyle) But more than 1 1/2 weeks long to go for LMP date. Nipple still sore on the tip .used to wear bra in nights as the movement of fabric over niples was painful. Is this a PMS symptom or after an IUI, will this happen. I am taking progestrone after my IUI .


5 dpo light cramping( 1%), lower abdominal pulling or stretching right side

comes and goes..

6 dpo slightly more cramping- feels as if i get periods in 2-3 days.

I am getting scared today if this is periods as the cramping looks like that.

I dont have any other smptom.


I had low back pain from two days past IUI and I am getting it now

after a walk or some moderate work.

is this a symptom?


pls share your knowledge...



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I don't think you need to worry about the multivitamin - one night, I couldn't remember if I had taken my prenatal, so I called the pharmacist to ask if it would be more harmful to take two or to take none. He said it would be more harmful to take two, but because the iron content would make me sick, not because of any potential harm to the baby. It would take constant prolonged overexposure to certain vitamins to harm a baby, and a little extra folic acid never hurt. Try to keep your multivitamins separated in one of those pill organizers so you can remember them correctly.


6dpo, you won't know anything, and whatever symptoms you have are probably psychosomatic or coincidental. You know that you're going to have to wait at least another 5 days for a pregnancy test to show up right. And that's at the very least. Ideally, wait 8, then you'll know definitely. I know... I know how hard that is. Have your husband hide the HPT until 14dpo or something. It's kinda sucky testing before your period was due - I got a bfp at 10 dpo, 4 days before my period should have started - and I was running to the bathroom every 5 minutes to make sure I wasn't miscarrying. Try really hard to wait!


Good luck! I hope you're back here in a week letting us know that you're expecting!

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thank you ..paisley80. I feel a little relaxed now that i will not have harmed the baby, if im preg.


my multivitamin doesnt have iron. doctor has told

not to take iron as it will intefere with the fertilization.


how many days is your cycle?

today is 10 dpo for me..the same symptoms is continuing as

if AF is about to come.


will i miscarry if i take weights?

what is the normal weights that can be lifted?

sure.. i will tell you all...... if i am preg..

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I didn't have a normal cycle - I was on Provera and Clomid to manufacture one. But hey, I manufactured a son, so it was worth it. I have PCOS, so my longest "cycle" was 2 years On the fertility meds, it was no longer than 40 days. I always started my period on 14dpo though.


You can still lift weights (I assume that's what you meant by "take weights?" Sorry, there's still a language barrier within the English language ) but don't go crazy on yourself. You can still exercise all throughout pregnancy, just not too strenuous.


4 days left! Good luck!

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thought of doing the test today morning. today is 14 dpo. we didnt get a

good quality pregnancy test kit. so planning to test tomorrow morning.

we will try to get the kit today itself.I have light headache from yesterday onwards. but cramps are not there.so confused whether it had become a miscarrige. but i feel heated every night . my husband said he didnt feel any heat over my body. i feel so irritated also due to my feverish feel. is this due to progestrone tablets. mine is 30-32 cycle . so im scared if it comes negative tomorrow.



"sorry for my english . i sometime write bad english"

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Hello in response to your weight question, you should not lift anything over 20 to 25 punds over your head, do sit up on a weight machine...


I had the same problem before I got preggy, I bought over 25 pregnancy tests( i should have invested in the stock market)


here is a website that is very helpful


link removed


Good luck and keep us posted!

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oops i got a negative this morning... today is 15 dpo. doctor had told me to take on 16 th day. but I was so anxious and took the test. i dont have

any symptoms. except I am feeling more cramps as if my periods will start in no minutes.....


no hopes ...better i will try next time..

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