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I just can't seem to let it go

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My ex-SO and I decided to split almost a year ago. We work together, so it's hard to leave it all behind. We both know we need to move on because we are bad for each other. Earlier this year he did meet someone and was planning to get married to her, only after a few months of knowing each other. She broke it off with him.


I have just met someone who is a wonderful person. So kind and loving, sweet, almost to a fault. BUT.

I can't get this former SO out of my mind. I think of the passion we had, and the relationship, when it was good. I haven't told him yet that I'm seeing someone. I feel if I do, I'll lose whatever we have left because we are still great friends. He even texted me last night, but I couldn't return it cause I was on a date with the new guy of which he doesn't know about.


I'm just venting over this and would be curious to know if anyone else has had this problem. A problem of wanting to move on, but the feelings for a former love keep getting in the way.

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whatchamacallit - sounds like you're at a crossroads. Things are about to change. I guess you have to decide how fast you let them.


You could tell your ex and let the changes happen fast or slowly let on and deal with the changes a little at a time.


I personally don't see a way around the changes happening.

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