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Making the First Move


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Hey everyone-


Here's the story, school just started for me and there are two girls that have interested me. I'm a junior, albeit a young one, and one of these girls is just a Freshman- I have one class with her. The other just came -today- and is a Junior as well, but since her first day was today I don't know anything about her at all- although I have two classes with her (Both of them, however, came from elsewhere and have never been to this school before). I don't really feel that they're "out of my league", appearance-wise, although my reputation may mess this all up- however I digress, with both of these girls, I don't have much of a clue about who they are or how they act or anything, but I'm coming to you guys for tips on how to change that. I assume the same advice can be applied to both of these cases (Although one of them came from another state to go to school here), basically I'm asking how should I "make a move"? I had thought to perhaps walk up and introduce myself or something, perhaps after class, but I'm not sure how forward I should be, or if that in and of itsself might be too forward. I had even contimplated giving them my number in this initial introduction- but again, I'm not even sure that the "introduction" thing is the best of ideas. Sorry to get all complicated and drawn-out, I'm simply asking what is the best way to make my first move.


Thanks everyone.

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I'm no expert man, but since they're new and the year's only started, it'd be a good idea to be like "Hi, my name is ______. What's yours?" and then ask her where she's from and go on from there you know? Ask her about herself, but don't as yes/no questions, and then from what she answers you can go on. And do it the sooner the better, cause if you don't someone else will, and well, this is a good opportunity you shouldn't miss. Good luck man.

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Basically what you're asking is how to open the conversation and this can get pretty easy once you learn how to do it. Usually I make some kind of comment on or ask about something going on in the environment. It could be about someone else both of you are noticing. I stay away from the introduction because it's too serious and comes off like you're trying to pick them up and this sets off a bad vibe. I always get their number instead or at least trade because I don't want them to have the decision on whether or not to call, I wanna be the one to decide.

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