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Does this count as breaking NC?

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It's been 2 weeks of no contact what so ever. I did see a mutual friend of the ex last saturday, i talked to her and didn't mention the ex once though. The following day on Sunday I saw the ex online for about 5-10 minutes on AIM and didn't say a word, I finally signed off before her and signed right back on seconds later and she was gone, can't help but think she was waiting for me to say something.


Anyway, I saw 5 racoons in a tree in my backyard this morning and took a pic and emailed it to 6 people including her. The email was basically a couple sentences about what I found in my backyard this morning. I know she already read it and didn't expect her to respond. I'm hoping she's wondering if I included her intentionally or accidentally.


Anyway, I really don't consider that contact because it's not about us or the relationship and she may be thinking it was an accident. My plan is to wait 2-3 weeks and send her a short email asking about school and how she's doing and if she watched the new fall shows coming up that we used to watch together. Nothing heavy, just light. This idea came from a previous thread....


this situation is very similar to mine.


What do you guys think?

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Nah, this behind the back technique of games of cat and mouse, cutting contact then re-initiating contact, and reading into hidden intentions never works. If it does, it only serves as a temporary patch, but the old problems always creep back up and the break up happens again.


At this point she's made it painfully obvious that she's not interested in anything further. She has a new guy in her life and that's the kiss of death in a relationship. Best thing you could do would be to delete all her info, No Contact her for real from now on, and concentrate on getting some new girls.

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I'm new here, but from what I have read from the other NC posts, I would tread lightly on contacting her too much yet. Make sure you have spent time working on you, making yourself happier, etc. before spending too much time on figuring out when to contact her. I could be wrong...but maybe one day, when she's ready, she'll IM you...?


Good luck!

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Well the new guy is supposedly out of the picture according to a mutual friend. This was told to me two weeks ago, I know a lot could have happened in the mean time. But the mutual friend referred to the new guy as a band aid and even the ex supposedly told him she wasn't 100% whole yet.


And it's been 3 months since the breakup and I have made all sorts of changes for myself, lost weight, working out, pretty much eliminated drinking, gone to church, gone to counseling. All of which the ex knows about. She's even seen me a couple times since and commented on how good I looked. So like I said, i figured i'd give it 2-3 more weeks of no contact and send a short email, nothing about us or the relationship, if I get no reply then I know its time to move on. If she replies then it could possibly be the start of email correspondance which could hopefully evolve into something more. Only time will tell.

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