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Having met only once... no exchange of digits.

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(For the record, yes, I also post at link removed)


I realize that infatuation developing after a mere meeting with someone is natural and normal, but I for the most part am uncomfortable with the symptoms and would rather get the "green light" or not, as far as pursuing goes.


My situation at the moment is unquestionably lust at first sight, and what I neglected to do was offer to exchange numbers with him. I don't know if after meeting a girl and shooting pool with her and then neglecting to ask for HER digits automatically means he's "just not into her." Or does it?


I mean, the friend he was with at the pool hall is friends with MY best friend, so I figured there might be a possibility we'd see each other again eventually. Or maybe never again, though, which is why I really just want to have a means of contact with this guy. I want to spend more time with him to see if my infatuation is justified or even on to something.


Infatuation can blind a girl and lead her to believe a guy is more interested than he actually may be, but I still thought the hints I was given might be in my favor after all. He was a little hard to read since he was tall, dark and mysterious and said very little that night. But I read his body language instead and analyzed his actions and I could tell he enjoyed my company when he wanting to keep playing even after he'd technically won that "round" of pool.


So, the thing is, is that I do have the number of his friend, but I don't want to have his friend feel like I'm "using" him only to get to the guy I like. What I sort of want to do is ask his friend to forward my digits to him, that way placing the ball in his court. I would really like it to be in his hands. Seeing as he doesn't have a way to contact me, I don't feel like it is in his hands... I feel like it's in mine since I want to see him so much again.


I would just like some suggestions on what to do and if one of them is to forget about him, then I ask how come?

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My advice would be to put the ball in his court - but do it by calling him. Your friend won;t feel he is being used if you just straight up ask for your "crush's" number. He may laugh and joke around, but I'm sure you'll get the number and the friend will have no problem.


Then, give him a call and see where it goes. There's really only one way to find out if he is interested....call him. Don't come right out and say your are infatuated with him. Just be cool, have a nice, quick conversation, and maybe plan to meet up again sometime...very relaxed.


What is the worse that could happen - he says "NO, I don't want to meet up." From what I read, I doubt he would say that, but if he does, at least you know it is not worth pursuing. Maybe he is shy?


Either way, I think you shuld get his number from the friend, give him a quick call and see how it goes....hope this helps a little...GOOD LUCK!!

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Hey, yeah, that's how it's going to have to go since I decided to go ahead and send his friend a text message saying, "I forgot to get his number, do you have it?" Hopefully I'll get some type of reply eventually. But I feel somewhat better now that I might get the number... because I'll certainly call when I do.

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