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He hit me!

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It should be over. It just should. If you cannot play nice together, you should not play at all.


And let's hope you both learn a lesson from this. You should not antagonize your men. And you should not hit them. Do the latter, and I would drop you like a piece of steel that had just been heated up until it was cherry red. Do the former, and you won't have long to be with me either. What purpose could it serve toher than to bring me down or make me angry?


Men with women, same rules apply, more so.

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No excuse for hitting anyone - (unless maybe they hit first)


He had a pretty bad day though.

We both were under a lot of stress and we were both irritated by each other reaction.

People have bad days... I have bad days all the time, and get irritated, everyone does. May be an explanation but it's not an excuse.

My point is that if being under stress or being irritated makes it OK to hit you, will he not think that every time he's under stress or irritated? He WILL have more bad days - that's part of life - what makes us adult humans is our ability to deal with them in a civilised manner. He can't think he can lash out at someone just because he had a bad day.

The more he gets away with it, the more the exception will become the rule.


Also there's nothing pathetic about wanting to see him again - there are obviously things you love about him or you wouldn't have been with him in the first place. But going back to him sends the message that it's OK.

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