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i need a way out, a vacation.

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so ive hit some rough points in life. which is really weird for me cuz im one of those happy go lucky ppl who has no enimies... but recently things have been horrible with my ex and according to him i have earned myself a reputation that i never wanted, or had. Wheather it is true or not, i really cant handle it anymore. Im a Junior in highschool in GA. (one of the hardest yhears school wise)... my grandparents live in AL. my parents have joked about letting me go live with them and go to school there.. but i never actually thought about it seriously until now. Ive put so much thought into it and i cant think of anything better than moving away for like 4 months with a fresh start and everything while things cool down at home....(i just want a way out.. and im not the suicidal type lol) the thing is my parents think im joking when i ask them about it. I would only go second semester and then come back home. The trip there is only about an hour n a half so its not like i would be moving half way accross the country or anything & i would come home to visit all the time... And the whole leaving my friends behind part is a no brainer. i only have 2 (close) friends. haha im not an outcast or anything like that... its just i only have 2 true friends and im fine with that. Someone pleaseeee give me any advice on how to make my parents take me seriously and let me do this. I have never moved in my entire life.. i think this would be a great experience... one like no other ive ever had. Someone please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Do you think that perhaps this opportunity has been laid out before you for a reason? From what you wrote changing schools, homes, and environments may do a world of good. This may inspire you more and make you more successful with school, friends, and relationship with your grandparents.

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