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help me im a bi girl love my frnd

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loveualot, welcome to eNotalone.


Please do not post in netspeak and abbreviate so many words. I cannot read your post and I would bet many others cannot either. You will not receive many replies when people cannot read your post.


Please write out your words and break your post into paragraphs if you'd like to get the most out of the forum.

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Though you two sound like very, very close friends, sharing the same bed and everything else you mentioned, unfortunately I don't think you should count on her being bi or lesbian. If she did have feelings for you too in that way, I think she would have expressed it more directly by now, especially when you asked her about whether she was bi. I think


only few times she said why you so close


is a good indication as well that she doesn't have those feelings for you. Of course I may be wrong.. you two sound like you're closer, as friends, than a lot of people are with anyone in their lifetime, but from what you said it sounds to me like she isn't looking for anything more than a friendship.


I hope you get more advice than just mine, mine's a bit pessimistic >__>


In any case, the best of luck, keep us updated.

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I didn't think it was appropriate for me to post in that one, since you're asking for advice from girls (and I'm a guy I think the more detail the better, what you had here was good information (even if it was a little hard to read). My advice remains the same as above

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