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Broke Nc Today, Very Mad

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IM MAD at myself, 10 days of hard wrk. I was cool on the phone though(didn't beg e.t.c), then she said "for what's worth i miss you". i called again and asked if we could hook up, she said mos def before she goes. I was cool on the phone, no relationship talk. But i wish i didn't speak to her, i know better.


Here's my story




After this she did say we cnt be together 'cuz of too much baggage.

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Then let it end. Just walk away. It is hard. But you need to for you. Get your self a toy shocker and every time you think of talking to her give your self a shock. I had a friend that did that and it worked for him. but dont hurt your self just something to take your mind off her for one sec.

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We all break no contact at one point or another, don't be hard on yourself, but DON'T DO IT AGAIN. It will guaranteed pull you back to where you were after the break-up. Yes you might be able to contact her in a year or 2 and not care, but just don't right now, you need to heal, seal all the wounds, and move on with your life.

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After this she did say we cnt be together 'cuz of too much baggage.


right....let her think whatever she wants to, go strict NC now.


get out there and start enjoyin your single status for a while, go watch a movie, join a gym, get a new hair cut, do what you couldn't do when you were in the relationship....

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