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It's game playing, and I would never stay with a man or woman I thought was doing it would be dumped so fast their head would spin.


If someone's a DECENT partner/person, you should be able to be with them in any capacity without manipulating them.


The only skill that people need to learn to deal with other people is communication, not some strange game playing code.

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The problem is being able to trust someone with that communication because more often than not, it either can be used against you, or thrown in your face. This time however after thinking about it for a long time. I decided to talk to her. We had a good conversation. I was simply shocked that she was understanding. I guess if you fear trusting someone, or you're scared of being hurt, you'll never give yourself the chance to trust or be trusted in the first place. Well here's to giving it a try. Ball is in her court now. Things went well, lets see how things develope......

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Well from reading your previous posts, you seem to be encountering the same difficulties as this gentleman. Keep doing the same thing and you will get the same results.


It's not game-playing or manipulation, it's giving the other person what they need to stay interested and be happy.



Thnaks for the thoughts but I believe that due to depression, my wife really is all over the place and isn't doing itm deliberately to play games. I have told her that mixed messages are playing with my head, which is also all over the place now, too. I'm quite highly stressed at the moment, as I'm also not sure what is happening with my job. I'm expecting a lot of unwelcome changes.

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