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So here is my story....I had been dating this girl for two years. She is still in college and I am out of college. Things were going great. Then this past February she said she wanted space. I granted her wish. We still talked everyday as usual like before this. We even got together lots of times but not as many as we were dating. We dated other people and what not....and then this weekend, on sunday, she said she wanted to get back together. We were supposed to meet up, she was supposed to give me a call...but she called me an hour late and had already made plans with this other girl I have been seeing...so now she got mad and said she didnt want to get back together...i dont get it...anyone help me??

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You two agreed to meet up to discuss getting back together...so she is late in getting back to you and then you make plans to hang out with another girl. It makes sense that she's upset. She is jealous that you made plans with another girl when she was planning on asking you to get back together. She probably withdrew because she didn't want to get rejected...the fact that you made plans to go out with another girl doesn't make it sound like you're too interested in getting back with her so that's probably why she got mad and pulled away.

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