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How well do really close guy-girl friendships work?

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I have a friend who I'm getting really close with, shes called me a few times and msgs be constantly. We've talked everyday twice a day or more for more than three months now. We talk about random stuff and then the "getting close" has come from her trusting me and telling me about how she feels about this other guy. Like only two people know the truth, me and her other best (girl) friend everyone else thinks something else. I like having her trust and she tells me about everything. So what does her telling me about what she feels about this other guy mean?

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This means that she trusts you?


Guy-girl close friendships work out fine, they're some of the better friendships you can have, there's something to be said about just hanging with a girl. Until the almost inevitable day one of you wants something more than a friendship... then things go south, quickly...

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It means she's not interested in you.


Come on friend, we keep giving you the same advice over and over again. If you have any doubt as to her true feelings, ask her.


One thing is for sure, your "friendship" is not really a friendship. It's pretending because you're interested in this girl as more than friends and the feelings are quite distinct.

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If you dont want anything more than a friendship, its fine... if you do, then it isnt fine.


If you want more, just stop being friends with her, distance yourself. Make yourself busy when she needs you etc.


It IS painfull being only friends, no matter how much you may think otherwise.

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