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Male multiple orgasm...i learned but theres a catch lol..

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believe it or not i learned how lol,its great,i did something not many guys are able to do. And it was persistent i mean it was GREAT!.Most people dont think its possible but it is,its hard to achive it on a normal state of mind...wish brings me to my dilema,i learned this wile being on weed... to make it short >.> i dont knwo if this good or bad,if i should practice this or not couse well only way to do it is on weed! AND NO I DINDT WROTE THIS ON WEED!

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I managed to pull it off once (no pun intended). Actually, its not really all that hard (still no pun). All you have to do is exercise some muscles. I found instructions on how to do it somewhere, and within two weeks it actually worked. Of course that was the only time I ever managed to do it because I gave up on it, but had I kept with it I could probably do all kinds of stuff.


Basically, you know the muscle that involuntarily tightens and loosens during orgasm? I think its called your PC muscle, and it can also be controlled voluntarily. Anyway, just clench and unclench that muscle periodically throughout the day; roughly 12 or so cycles at each session. If you're sitting there and think of it, just do it. No one can see it or anything, and you can do it while performing any number of activities with little to no distraction. This exercises it, and after 2 weeks of doing this I realized after masturbating that I still wasn't completely finished. Its really sort of cool; give it a try!

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I made that muscle as strong as I probably ever will over the last few months. Clenching those muscles during orgasm won't keep it from happening for me. In fact clenching and unclenching them is what brings me to orgasm.


What works for me is stopping all stimulation right before orgasm. I get the contractions and a small amount of ejaculate, but still maintain full hardness. Libido drops a bit like after an orgasm but not a lot. I can usually finish completely within 5 minutes after that if I want.


Unfortunately the feeling is not so great. Though it is an orgasm, it feels like stopping short and is not very satisfying. So I don't do it much.


Drugs I would assume are probably the easiest way to do this. Anything that lowers libido in some way could foreseeably help. I have heard of this working well with weed before.

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Clenching your PC muscle during ejaculation versus multiple male orgasms are two different things. When considering this, realize that ejaculation and orgasm are not actually the same thing. I suspect by clenching those PC muscles you might end up stifling an ejaculation. And yes, you can have more than one orgasm, the first ones occurring without ejaculation. In the end though, it's the forceful ejaculation that feels the most satisfying. Orgasm without ejaculation is somehow unfulfilling .. although it does feel pretty intense!

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I agree with Cardinal. I have had as many as 6 orgasms in 30 minutes by stopping just as the orgasm wants to start, ejaculating a small bit each time. The nice part is the sensitivity drops so you can be more aggressive after that without "losing" it.

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