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How can I get him to ask again??


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Last week, the guy I liked was doing some extra stuff for me and when he was done, he called me and was telling me about a little blemish on something that I asked him to find for me and he found it and asked if I still wanted it. He repeated himself a couple of times and we were joking around and then he asked me what does he get for getting me all the extra things, dinner? and I in return, like a idiot, was still playing around with him and said you have my gratitude and then I told him I would buy him lunch instead, because we work together. After I said that, he said he was just teasing. I know that guys say that just to play it off, right? So I really would like to know of any suggestions on how I can get him back to that point, about dinner. Or how can I bring up the subject without making a complete fool out of myself, if I am wrong about his feelilngs towards me.


The second part to this post is, if a guy is interested in you, what is the chance that he would ask again, given the response by me from the first time? I am trying to show him I am interested, paying more attention to him and trying to get some alone time with him when I get the chance.

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