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THe need to pay attention

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I am not attentive. I pay too much attention to the details when the answer is just right infront of me. My parent asked me to go out into her car to find her card. I went out to look for it, under the seat, behind the seat, under the foot carpet. I did all that for nothing. Her card was near the seat belt, out in the open. I payed too much attention to the detail and overlook the obvious. This happened often and it has make my happy days into a disaster, I need some advice to help me increase my attention and become more perceptive.


Is there a training for that? I don't know any, if any one know pls do tell.

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I've done things that like too. I find, as silly as it is, to have a little self talk when approaching new situations- even if it's in my head so no one else can hear.


I ask myself what is expected of me, what to look for, how will I handle it, and remind myself to remain calm and focus. All of this takes about 15 seconds. It seems to help me.


I don't know if there is professional training, but it's worth googling to see if there is.

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I know I have seen attention focusing exercies before. Something along the lines of training your brain to block out all of the insignificant details and focusing on the main task.


I don't think it is so much not paying attention, though, but possibly an inability to focus your attention. Yes? No?


I have epilepsy, and when I go through a period when I am having lots of seizures, my usual fairly-rapid thought processes get slower and slower. What I do is buy another of those huge EYE-SPY books that have huge full-color pages of stuff and it gives you a list of little things to find. Somthing along the lines of "Where's Waldo". Not highly intellectual, but maybe it will help you train your brain to focus...

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