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As most know I have recently got back together with my ex. We had a couple fights since then, one was when I found out she cheated on me and two was that she found out I cheated on her. Both were forgivable. We decided to forget the bast and work on the future. It might be hard at first but I know she truly loves me and I love her. We decided to look for a place together, but have yet to find the right one ( I need a triple garage and she need a walk in closet exc...haha ) All Is doing well so far, we planned a trip to mexico for my birthday in november and have visited each others family many times. I think getting back together was for the best for both of us. Just wanted to update you all on my situation and reinforce that getting back together and being happy is possible with a little bit of work. I hope you all are doing as good as I am. Take care friends.

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