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am i on right track?

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hey all,


well there had been a girl lately that i was interested in. but she stood me up for the second time to which i won't tolerate. i told her before that i wouldn't take any more flaking from her or risk losing me, but now that she has. i've taken it as her "telling" me that she wants nothing to do with me or just isn't interested.


so now i've simply been "ignoring" her and i haven't spoken to her in about 3 days since then. so i was just going to continue doing so, but a part of my conscience is sayin that i'm being an immature jerk by pretending she doesn't exist. i want nothing to do with her now that she's shown her true colours and yet i feel like i'm being too harsh with how i'm dealing with it. really i just don't want to be jerked around and i don't want to be a pushover.


am i making a big deal out of it here? or should i simply say what's up to her and leave it?

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Unless she has a good reason (watch broke, bad traffic, etc), standing someone up turns me off, especially in the beginning of a relationship. In the beginning people try the hardest to impress, so if they stand me up already, what will they do later?


However, I would give the other a chance to explain and apologize. I would listen to the reason, and consider if it sounds plausible and if the other person seems truly sorry.


My ex stood me up twice in a row for dates he made and then was pissed off at me because I told him my feelings were hurt. That was not acceptable. If he had apologized, then I would not have felt so hurt.

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