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so i got up this morning and was perfectly fine got to work at about 9 still perfectly fine then about 11 i just had a big cramp like something being pulled and i couldn't move and my whole body just became tensed and i started to vomit flem and water and i was soo ill and un comfortable. Now the pain has gone away but my stomach feels so sore and tight do you have any suggestions?


my nipples are also sore but im not pregnant!! i checked! i just finished acupuncture i dont know if thats anything to do with it.


I am going to the doctor on wednesday just wondering if anyone had any ideas and how to relief the pain.

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hot bath. I get the vomiting flegm and tightness, and breast ouchies when I am stressed out. Go to the doctor anyway and tell him 100% everything that is going on, but a hot bath and some good music probably won't hurt either.


Oh, and OTC pain reliever advil whatever you know.

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