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Girl Freind... but want to be with my best friend

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I have been with a girl for going on 3 years now. During the past year and a half another girl came to our school. Now at first i thought nothing of her, but one day after a class me and her and some others went out, it was a long night and bye the end of the night we where kissing each other alot. After that i ended up telling my girlfriend because i wanted to break up with her for this other girl. i just couldnt do it, after 3 years it isnt really that easy (so we stayed together) so we all became best friends. i still secreatly really like this other girl (my best friend) but i dont wanna tell her. i think she really likes me also she is always droping little hints and we are always going out behind my girlfriends back( its the only time we get alone with each other) we dont kiss anymore but i think i am in love with her now... i just dont know if I should tell her how i feel. what do you think? should i tell her how i feel about her? or just stay with the girl i have now?

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I think you should go with the one you love. Don't be in a relationship just because it is hard to break up. All you are doing is making it harder on yourself and harder for your girlfriend. Honestly, I think you are wrong for going out behind your girls back to see this other chick even if you guys aren't messing around. I know how it feels. the man I loved did this to me with my best friend. she was suppose to be his best friend too. and while at first I didn't think nothing of it, I eventually became agitated at their close bond. They did eventually have sex with each other and when I found out, he told me. I think i was glad that he told me though. Cause it would have been harder any other way. Imagine, 5 years of being with someone, and they just leave you for another. I don't talk to the girl no more. I just feel so betrayed by her. But seriously, tell your girlfriend the truth!

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